Stress Reduction and Focus

While emotional responses can certainly be a source of stress, many more areas of our lives can contribute to imbalances we may experience. Most of us associate the word stress with perceived emotional stress…the boss, the bills, taxes, etc. The textbook definition of stress is…

any disruption in homeostasis. Homeostasis is defined as a “normal” set value or level. Conditions and events that take us outside the “normal,” such as extreme environmental temperatures, high blood sugar, or high blood pressure from the boss yelling, cause the body to implement corrective actions to restore “normal” values/levels.Each of us controls our awareness or consciousness, and therefore, our ability to choose our focus and to make beneficial changes that support stress reduction and improved mindset. Actions as simple as consuming enough water, getting ample sleep, and practicing appreciation for the blessings in our lives can make a distinct difference in our daily function.

Where are you focusing your thoughts and energy?

Take advantage of our wellness resources and make more educated and healthier choices for improved quality of life.